Heavy Equipment

A truck that is sitting in the grass.

A Metro area landlord called us about a variety of heavy equipment, trucks etc which had been abandoned on his property. He was initially going to pay an outfit to haul all the items away based on weight. We performed a lien search to determine nothing was encumbered.

Afterwards we inspected the units and verified that several units were indeed scrap-however some units still had value. The truck seen in the enclosed photo was equipped with a very popular 7.3L Diesel motor and ended up selling to a buyer in Texas. We sold the other units and even brokered a deal with a scrap dealer who split the proceeds of the scrap value with the landlord. We took a situation which was going to cost the landlord and turned it into one that put money in his pocket. We can arrange private treaty/negotiated sales for your heavy equipment and trucks from $5000.00 to 1M dollars. Contact us today.

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