The lowly rubber tire skid steer loader

A white and black skid steer is parked in the dirt.

Problem: The lowly rubber tire skid steer loader – many see these as a tough sale. Product and market knowledge is essential to a successful sale. This style of skid steer loader has generally fallen out of favor to the more recently introduced “track’ style of machines – which are great on a conventional construction site since you never have to foam fill the tires or worry about a nail causing a flat tire. However, machines that fall out of favor with the US market can still be popular in foreign markets or with “niche†contractors.

Solution: We recently conducted a liquidation featuring a large amount of these “old’ style rubber tire skid steers. We were not going to settle for bargain basement prices. Instead we marketed the units heavily on sites and brokers who buy for overseas markets-as well as snow removal contractors who love these older style units as they out perform track machines in heavy snow situations.

Result: The machines brought great money and headed to East Coast Ports for shipping overseas and Snow Belt areas where snow removal contractors utilized them in their winter operations. Let our 30 years of experience work for you. Anyone can post a jpeg picture on line and call themselves an auctioneer. Settle for the best.

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